What is Off The Easel?

Off The Easel helps you manage your art and promote it on social media.

Off The Easel keeps your audience engaged by automatically sharing YOUR ART across YOUR social media accounts. OTE uses fancy algorithms to figure out which artwork to share and when to do it. In addition, it is a handsome, professional portfolio website that makes each artwork stand out. Some key features:

  • Automated social media posts
  • Social media engagement metrics
  • Detailed visitor analytics
  • Weekly / Monthly email reports
  • Built with love :)

Meet Andrei

Hey there, my name is Andrei and I am the guy behind Off The Easel. I am a software developer by day and an art hacker by night! Like many of you, I am passionate about creating things, and Off The Easel combines my love of art and technology.

I started Off The Easel few years ago as a way to help my sister promote her art on social media. It quickly became apparent that social media marketing was an issue for many artists and I wanted to help... Today, Off The Easel is helping hundreds of artists to share their work across social media platforms generating millions of monthly art views!

I would love to hear from you or meet you in person. Email me or connect on Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn